This challenging, 26 posture series, is practiced in a hot room (appox. 95 - 105 degrees). Our 75 minute Hot Yoga classes are perfect for beginners and will continue to challenge even the most advanced student.


Hot Yoga

Hot yoga - variations


Hot yoga -

Bikram Style

Yoga Souls

Intuition of your own body

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Love Hot Yoga but not quite ready for Vinyasa or just looking for something different? Our variations class is the perfect next step! Follow our traditional Hot Yoga sequence and step outside the box learning variations of your favorite Hot Yoga poses.

Hot Yoga

Our 75 minute Vinyasa classes allow students to be in the breath, and embody the joy of life by linking movement to breath.These classes offer dynamic, flowing movement incorporating sun salutations, creative asana (posture) sequencing and mindful attention to alignment that works with your body.
We offer basic level and open level for students with some experience.